"We live in a golden age of indie game development, all you have to do is make a good game, release it on Steam, and it will make money. You should take advantage of this while it lasts."
"The devs have a much more detailed view of their game than I do, so the fact that they reached the same conclusions as me means this framework allows…
"If you make a game and it doesn’t succeed, it’s because it was bad. There’s no other possible explanation. You can’t give yourself any other excuse."
"You should think of yourself as a vessel. You don’t have ideas, they come to you from above."
"This is counterintuitive. You would think making individual encounters more punishing would make the game less welcoming to new players."
"I guess in my heart of hearts, when push comes to shove, I’m an artist too."
"Games are an endlessly shapeable environment of body training."
"An artist who hates money is unable to imagine people who don’t."
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